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Substantial discounts available when harness sets are ordered. Inquire with specific needs. Celebrity Endorsements

 WYSIWYG Ours are loaded with details. Really clear details. Compare a wire harness to these and ours illustrate WYSIWYG or "what you see, is what you get". Our photographs make it oOSOEZ to identify everything.

Easily ID wire Circuits, Junctions, Splices, Connectors, Routing, Entry, Gauges, Colors and Locations plus related Minature Bulb and Fuse Sizes. Even look at a Fuse Box and be able to read the writing. When was the last time you could do that? The fuse box lettering is so worn and faded on some, you could not figure what fuse or size goes anywhere.

11" x 17" convenient size for actual use inside, under or even behind dash.

Laminated for garage type hands on use, under the hood, dash or tail lamps

Full Color and you can look at these without the eye fatigue staring at itsy bitsy, teeny weenie long meandering closely spaced lines or dotted or even dashed colored lines. (What Corvettes has wires with dotted lines on them? Have you ever seen these Corvette wires with dashes on them? I never have. Must be some special code.) These provide a 3 dimensional view of the deails, not capable of being produced by that the 2 dimensional AIM.

Durable clear thick laminate, not a paper sheet, plastic coated on one side. You could not roll these up and stuff them in a tube. Ours are a quality durable guide.

Economical Have you ever tried to read and understand the factory AIM or schematics? You actually loose your place before you can even get to the end of the wire. It's just so frustrating. A retired GM executive called them "eye tests".

What is your time worth?
Baseline These oOSOEZ Wiring Guides were developed circuit testing actual Corvette wiring harnesses. These are not reprinted AIM schematics that are notorious for omissions and errors. I know this is a "Novel Idea" - but we tested actual harnesses, instead of copying the AIM and repeating 30-40 year old errors.
Fact  If you "Colored In" any of the 1956 through 1982 AIM schematics, what have you really got? Pssssssst ... We found on average of 5 to 8 errors for each model year, and you could not even determine what is missing, what is now modified or what anything really looks like or is supposed to look like. Wire harnesses don't resemble what is depicted in the AIM, even when they are "Colored In".
We show just what the connector looks like, where the wires go and how they actually interconnect. We help you determine how original TI harnesses differ, how AC and heater dash harnesses differ, how dash and ignition harnesses differ on standard and automatic transmission models. You could actually rebuild your harness using our OSOEZ Wiring Guides, but not with any of the others. Period NONE. Nada. Zilch.

Confucious Say: "You can't book learn a Corvette." And then present it as some Specialized Technical Engineering Achievement. LOL.

"Colored In" AIM schematics are just the same old AIM "eye test" in a colored dress. I'll bet you whomever "drew them" actually just traced the AIM and never even saw any harnesses or even circuit tested a single one. How's that for accuracy? Is that ever a Technical Engineering Achievement? LOL.

What is your frustration breaking point?

 Models currently available for 1963 through 1977. More to follow.

 oooOSOEZ Model Year Selections

 1958 1959 1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978

  more years to follow ...

Following is an Engineering Technical Test

The following are representative of the drivers side Head Lamps and Parking Lamp rounting and connectors.

On the left you cannot tell anything, except pretty colors are present. Note there actually are two separate Purple wires entering the parking lamp connector. They do not splice together.

Harnesses are confusing enough, without data that is misdleading.

Some wires do splice and others do not. If 2 or 3 separate wires enter a connector, oOSOEZ shows it.

Notice how clear the entry positions of the Black, Green and Tan wires is shown on the right. No such luck on the left. It's a DUD.


No Second Guessing is needed.

Good Luck


Bon Chance

compare these different electrical schematics for your Corvette


Assembly Instruction Manual

Olson Eng.

Harness shown

Most main harnesses

See note at left

Standard + ALL RPO's

None illustrated

See note at left

Actual Photographs

None illustrated

See note at left

Actual Photographs
Can I tell what a connector or terminal looks like? My harness is missing some.

Only with oOSOEZ
Wire Entry Info

Just a few

See note at left

Complete entry info
Some of my wires are cut and missing. Can I tell how to re-attach them all?

Only with oOSOEZ
Wire Gauge Info

Most main harnesses

See note at left

Every harness
Fuse Box

weird reversed rear view assbackwards

See note at left

Actual Photographs
Fuse Locations

None illustrated

See note at left

Actual Photographs
Can I tell where any fuse actually goes, because my fuse box lettering is worn off?

Only with oOSOEZ
Wire Splice Info

Difficult to determine

See note at left

Fusible Link Info

Difficult to determine or missing

See note at left


mind boggling pseudo top view of auto

See note at left


Some defined

See note at left

All defined
Early - Late Features


See note at left

As required
Air Cond Dash Harness

None illustrated

See note at left

AC Dash & Standard  
Ignition Harnesses

Base illustrated

See note at left

All variations illustrated
Auto v. Std Trans Info

Poorly or not even defined

See note at left

All variations illustrated
Can I tell whether my harness has the right AC, Auto, TI or standard connections?

Only with oOSOEZ
TI Conversions Data

None illustrated

See note at left
Step by step instructions
Accuracy & Circuits

AIM errors, omissions and changes have never ever been corrected anywhere

See note at left

Circuits tested from actual wiring harnesses
Is this another ebabe colored in copy of an obsolete inaccurate GM schematic?

No. Completely New

Black & White

Some color

 Full color photographic
How they ID wires with a Colored Stripe

with words only as in Black/Yellow

Dashed lines & words

 Colored lines with colored stripes + words

Flat 2 Dimensional Maze

See note at left

 3D photographic It's oOSOEZ

a Complex Fuzzy out of focus Eye Test

Complex Colored Eye Test

 Full color photographic It's oOSOEZ


No - it's Plastic coated paper 5 mil they say

Yes 2 sided thick clear laminate 14 mil (coated paper isn't as thick or durable)
Learning Curve Degree of Difficulty when using


See note at left

It's oOSOEZ (Idiot Proof per a CF reviewer)

NOTE: even when using the wiring schematics from the individual (58-62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67) factory Shop Manuals and the individual (68, 68, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74) Passemger Car Service Manual you are not guaranteed an error free schematic, and often they don't even agree with the 58, 59, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74 Assembly Instruction Manuals! What a mess. Ours are accurate, because we made them from the actual wiring, not from someone elses drawing of what the wiring was supposed to look like, but wasn't like.

Since GM's first ever, any illustratedschematic to the most recent Don the Engineers Colored In GM black and white ones - these has not been a single author who has held even one harness about which they "Color In" or is it write or draw. Yuck Yuck. Another vendor with a repro of a repro of a repro... Today's internet author's really are slick or are they just another fast buck artists complete with an email address at the internet factory.


Read How Olson Engineering was actually Engineered

or Thank God you don't have Olson's 1971 Charade

Celebrity Endorsements

(Geico type) Celebrity Endorsements from the CF

Sam74C3 Hey guy, I just got my wiring diagram from Dr. Rebuild today, and it is awesome! I checked into all the other's and found this one to be idot proof. It shows all wire sizes, colors, and even detailed pictures of what the end connectors look like. My wiring was a rats nest of cut wires.

adrenaline-guy I like Doc Rebuild's wiring guide concept---looks tailor made for someone like me. I like the pictures of the actual connectors and the large 11x17 size.

Ctjackster The Doc Rebuild wiring diagram is pretty neat, the correct pictures of the plug ends really helps you get your bearings. Also might want to get the full harness clip / retainer package from him for the engine harness.

69ttop502 I was just over picking up some parts at Dr. Rebuild the other day and his wife showed me one of the new wiring diagrams and it is awesome.

Ron Miller I like the Doc's approach as well, especially the photos of actual connectors, fuse panel, etc., that are included!!

62Jeff the approach used in the Doc's diagrams looks like it would be very helpful if you were trying to rewire you car or debug wiring issues.

67-427ci After reading about Doc's diagrams I ordered them. They are easy to follow, excellent detail and the addition of all the plugs is a BIG plus.

THANK YOU Corvette Enthusiasts. I'm glad you find them useful in your hobby enjoyment.

(I feel like Roger Clemens. Had to come back from retirement to win one more for the Gipper. Don, this ones for you: a big Bronx cheer. This is as home run. I could not have done it without you. I thought about this years ago, but needed a pin prick to get me into pitching form.)

Sept 17, 2010 - - To the left is Don Olson of Willowbrook Illinois. I branded him a COWARD for anonymously distributing internet rumors regularly that he will not even man-up to. He's doesn't have enough testosterone to even sign his name or even do so in any public place. This pathetic eunuch will only resort to vague innuendo. He's another anonymous author who writes on rest room walls. Go ahead, make my day Don Olson Coward.