Don Olson
Around 2004 I first became aware that this fellow was soliciting on the internet for illustrations that I had produced. On the Vettehead chat room he was actively seeking copies of them. After finding evidence he was collecting our headlamp & wiper door vacuum hose illustrations, our AC and heater vacuum hose illustrations and others I wrote him.
I was curious since we published these in color for free on our web site, as well as marketing 11x17 laminated copies. Weeks went by with no answer. Then I wrote him again and got the following reply.

  Don Olson Vacuum Engineer?
He actually had me fooled for awhile, but now I realize he was not truthful, nor genuine and would be soon selling copies of what we provided for free on the internet. I was initially confused, because his masqued intent was to produce a wiring diagram in color.
Upon viewing the Olson Engineering Colored In AIM schematics, I realized that this fellow had no actual knowledge of either the Corvette wiring harness topic, nor the AIM schematics that he literally traced. Did you think he had ever examined the actual harnesses?
Remarkably the internet has bestowed honors and salutations essentially on what is simply a plagarist effort of an inaccurate document to begin with: one who Colored In many General Motors AIM drawing and added some vaccum hoses to 1968 up electrical diagrams.
He was fortunate to use the diagrams I created for vacuum hose, because if he had used the AIM, they would have errors. But he had no choice but to use the AIM for the wiring, and therin is a tale of woe. The wiring is much more complex than the hoses, and they have many more errors, changes and omissions.

  Don Olson Electrical Engineer?
There is a serious problem in tracing and then Coloring In a 30-50 year old obsolete Assembly Instruction Manuals. Not only are they difficult to understand, but they are also replete with changes and errors made 30-50 year ago. These documents predated actual assembly and the folk who provided them did so without benefit of looking at the finished part. And truthfully, for as long as they have been photocopied, not a single error or change has ever been corrected. Not one!
So now we have gone from confusing dull, inaccurate Black and White AIM wiring diagrams, to the same thing, but Colored In. That is the result of taking unverified material, appropriating it and redistributing it with some a regal title it like the "Olson Engineering" item advertised in a screen capture below.

  Don Olson Engineering = Colored In AIM
If these other illustrations were not so inaccurate, incomplete and merely an olde Colored In AIM schematic, I probably would not have decided to provide a factual document assembled using actual Corvette parts as a source to verify the information. I know it's a novel idea, but looking at actual wiring harnesses is the only accurate way of producing a schematic of a 30-50 year old part.
Seriously, if their product is some engineering achievement; that must mean that tracing paper or a scanner are engineering tools. Don't get me wrong, if you want a Colored In AIM drawing, call them, but if you want an accurate, complete wiring schematic call us. Do yourself a favor, and compare them before you shell out $25.


Even at this resolution you can see there really is no comparison.

What a difference

Olson Engineering Colored In AIM Shown Above

What are those Dashes?

Sept 17, 2010 - - To the left is Don Olson of Willowbrook Illinois. I branded him a COWARD for anonymously distributing internet rumors regularly that he will not even man-up to. He's doesn't have enough testosterone to even sign his name or even do so in any public place. This pathetic eunuch will only resort to vague innuendo. He's another anonymous author who writes on rest room walls. Go ahead, make my day Don Olson Coward.